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What are CC Kids Ambassador Schools?
  • Greater Toronto area schools with strong community interest in cricket

  • Strong engagement from parents, school staff, community members and principal

  • Ability to engage and attract other local schools (various boards) to join in CC Kids Ambassador Program

  • Create teams to compete in Gala Days and other organised competitions


What does the Ambassador Schools Program consist of?
  • After-school/In-school cricket sessions

    • 6 to 8 weeks program during the winter months

    • leading the program into 8-10 week spring and summer program ( April to June)

  • Skill development and training the kids for modified competition

  • Modified indoor & outdoor matches amongst neighboring schools

  • Participation in various competition: 

    • Cricket Canada Gala Days

    • School competitions 

    • Junior league under 11/12 competition

    • Other local leagues / competitions 

What are the Ambassador Schools Program Goals? 


  • Progress kids to competition (at appropriate levels) and turn them (boys and girls) into long-term cricketers

  • Empower new Coaches (staff, parents, volunteers) to create a self-sustainable the cricket program

What support will Cricket Canada provide to our school?


  • Resources:

    • Cricket Canada Community Coach

    • Equipment

    • Training manuals

  • Train the trainer program: 

    • School staff

    • Parents

    • College/high school leaders

    • Other stakeholders / volunteers 

    • Assist in organizing tournaments 

What is the commitment required from my School?


  • Provide venue

  • Allocate time for cricket training (in school or after school sessions)

  • Encourage staff and parent involvement 

  • Cover the cost of a CC Community Coach visits

  • Recruit neighboring schools to be involved 

  • Commit to participating in competitive events: 

    • Inter-school

    • Gala Days

    • Community & junior leagues

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